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Toasted Maple's cleverly branded wooden tokens were the eco-friendly and quality solution for the drink tracking system at
Mt. View Brewing.

Just like Head Brewmaster Jordan, the team at Toasted Maple thrives on creativity, and focuses on the unique and memorable environment of Mt. View Brewery to create their

original design for their sample token.

Tokens simplified the drink tracking system

Mt. View Brewing focuses on handcrafted brews and hospitality. Tables dot the landscape, and the owners have created a welcoming and unique environment for club members and visitors to find rest and refreshment.

Nestled in the 3rd-generation Mt. View farm, locals and tourists alike visit for a drink and a stroll through the orchards and to visit Carlos, the legendary steer and inspiration behind the brewery’s branding.

It was during the club pickup season where Head Brewmaster, Jordan Hunt, saw the need for a clear, clever and cost effective drink token. With each club member receiving two free drinks at pickup, the staff needed an easy way to track the complimentary drinks being offered. Jordan needed a high-quality, creative, solution that carried the same individualist nature of a craft beer. A product that could be used not only in the brewery, but at their many large events during the year.

An artisan solution for artisan beers


The honor system had proved chaotic and unreliable for tracking the 2 complimentary drinks that club members received, as well as any drink/meal specials that were offered in the brewery. Jordan didn’t want to stoop to using red paper raffle tickets or cheap plastic tokens. Mt. View Brewing needed an artisan solution that had the same great quality as their beers and matched

the beauty of their surroundings.

An artisan token for artisan beers

Durable + On Brand Custom Tokens

On the search for drink tokens, a member of the Mt. View Brewing team mentioned that Toasted

Maple had dropped off a box of sample tokens. Inside, Jordan found beautifully engraved

wooden tokens inspired by everyone’s farm favorite, Carlos. Unique in shape, the token was

crafted in the portrait of Carlos, two horns and that adorable bovine face. Jordan worried the two

horns would be easy to break, which is why most drink tokens are basic and round. But these

tokens were anything but ordinary - in style and durability.

Jordan began arduous research on the durability of the token. He tried twisting the horns - but

Carlos stood strong. The staff threw the tokens around the brewery, but Carlos did not bend nor

break. Through the many trials, Carlos The Drink Token won every round.

The venue at Mt. View Brewing is used in multiple ways, from flights to wedding dance fights,

the drink token shape and design needed to be specific, but not TOO specific. The wedding

guest, the mom picking apples off a tree, the beer enthusiast, should all have the same shared

sense of place and memory when holding the token. And what is more memorable than the

majestic Carlos? The durability and creative design of the Toasted Maple token had won Jordan


With the sample design impressing Jordan, he moved forward in placing an order. He was

delighted to find the ordering process to be simple and efficient with Toasted Maple.

The order process was a breeze, thanks to the clear and concise ordering system set up by

Toasted Maple. Jordan was keen to use the Carlos design, and a simple email to Toasted Maple

put production in motion. With the design finalized by Jordan, the Toasted Maple team got to

work creating tokens out of 100% maple, grown in the Pacific Northwest.

Mt. View Orchards had their first order confirmed and within two weeks had their custom

Toasted Maple tokens ready to use. Since their initial token, Mt. View Brewing has gone on to

order several more custom designed tokens from Toasted Maple, a process which is simple and

straightforward. There is no limit to the creativity the client can bring when working to create

their design. From custom branding, to specific fonts, and shapes, Toasted Maple makes the

cost of creativity clear and easy. No hidden fees, upgrades or additional charges to bring the

design to life.


A Lasting Partnership

Toasted Maple also made reordering a breeze, and kept all previous designs on file. So when Jordan discovers that Carlos The Drink Token had ended up as a souvenir, he easily placed another order, ensuring his bartender’s don’t miss a beat when handling a busy tasting room. Toasted Maple and Mt. View Brewing have been able to collaborate on a number of other creative projects including custom tap handles and custom engraved award plaques for the delicious creations of Jordan's. 

Working with Toasted Maple, the wood tokens were delivered to Mt. View Brewing on time and within budget. Toasted Maple provided high quality, eco-friendly and creative drink tokens that elevated Mt View Brewing’s customer experience. The beautiful design and uniqueness of the token has created a new problem; customers want to keep them! Fortunately for Mt. View Brewing, Toasted Maple makes reordering a breeze.

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