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Fill in the details below and we will provide a digital mock up of your custom tokens within 3 business days sent via email.

 Once approved, we will send you a link to complete your order.

Note: If you already have a design – upload the file below and we will send a proof your way!

Have a design ready to go? Upload your logo design files and/or image files (Max Files Size 15MB)

Image File
Image File
Design File
Design File
free sample, custom tokens, wood coasters, custom magnets, custom keychains, wood coins, wooden nickel

Want to get your hands on the real live products before placing a big order? Our sample box is the perfect way to see our products in person before pulling the trigger. Our sample box includes: 2 round tokens, 2 custom tokens, magnet, keychain, and coasters.

$10 for everything + free shipping! 

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