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Product Description

Our tokens are made from 100% USA Maple grown here in the states, cut to ¼” ply for long lasting durability that is solid to the touch.

  • Single sided tokens are engraved on the front side, and stained to look beautiful and natural on the back side.
  • Double sided tokens are engraved on both sides with no stain.

You can also start by getting a free mockup of your design.

36 reviews for Round Tokens

  1. gaudet_mathieu (verified owner)

    Beautiful finish, top quality and sold by a team with excellent communication! – Even if I bought a small quantity of what I need, I felt like if I ordered for a million bucks. They take care of the customers, with quick responses to make sure I will be happy with my product. – Yes, would love it!

  2. byrdbaggett3 (verified owner)

    Very good quality.

  3. INFO (verified owner)

    great product, above and beyond service.

  4. jtloughmiller (verified owner)

    A tangible way to express my gratitude for my customers’ business. – The online experience for ordering is GREAT! Easy and streamlined. Well done! – Yes, would love it!

  5. archimer (verified owner)

    These are beautiful wooden tokens of the highest quality. – For real though. These look absolutely spectacular. I’m really looking forward to finding the next opportunity to place an order here. Thank you so much! – Yes, would love it!

  6. scarmig (verified owner)

    Quality unique wooden coins that make great souvenirs, promotions, and gifts. – – Yes, would love it!

  7. austin (verified owner)

    The tokens we ordered were high quality, aesthetically pleasing and matched the design we submitted exactly. – The tokens turned out great and we even had people wanting to keep them instead of exchanging them for products. They even smelled good too, ha! – Yes, would love it!

  8. jdorczuk (verified owner)

    Toasted Maple products are amazing, well put together at a high quality that makes an amazing finished product. – Will recommend you to anyone that needs wooden tokens or a fun idea. Thank you!

  9. Michael.Ryan (verified owner)

    Beautifully crafted natural unique wooden products with a personal touch – – Yes, would love it!

  10. toby (verified owner)

    Exceeds expectations – – Yes, would love it!

  11. wrice (verified owner)

    Pretty epic implementation of a memento trinket to memorialize a project. – Will buy again. 10 out of 10 would recommend. – Yes, would love it!

  12. wrice (verified owner)

    William Rice – experience was as easy and seamless as it could have been. – Yes, would love it!

  13. alissa (verified owner)

    They are perfect! – – Yes, would love it!

  14. wendi (verified owner)

    Quality products at a great price and quick turn around.

  15. kinsermn (verified owner)

    Clean, professional, and of the highest quality! – Thank you SO much for going above and beyond for us! πŸ™‚ – Yes, would love it!

  16. sugarhousekatonah (verified owner)

    Best token on the planet! – It’s just what we had hoped for— – Yes, would love it!

  17. safety (verified owner)

    These products are not only awesome, but also eco-friendly. Using a natural product to promote one’s business is just smart business. It’s a natural “calling card” for your business. – –

  18. anthony.j.thomas33 (verified owner)

    Extremely delightful in a simplistic, yet very unique presentation. – Would love to see full possibilities in the art/logo application. How detailed can my image be and still show up great? – Yes, would love it!

  19. safety (verified owner)

    The best wood product to promote your business and give as gifts to clients. – –

  20. playfultherapy (verified owner)

    Token of jut πŸ˜‰ – – Yes, would love it!

  21. lisa (verified owner)

    Quality products and beautifully handcrafted

  22. jmlemenager (verified owner)

    Awesome product, would buy from Toasted Maple again!

  23. mike (verified owner)

    Beautiful quality! – No improvement needed in my eyes. – Yes, would love it!

  24. whatnotory (verified owner)

    The wood tokens I ordered were well made, well priced, and went over excellently at the convention. – – Yes, would love it!

  25. peterh (verified owner)

    Friendly, fast, and beautiful work. – I’ve really enjoyed working with you guys, and will continue to do so. The only bummer I’ve experienced over the last two years has been when you stopped staining the back of the tokens…that was a nice touch back when I first ordered.

  26. Hotoffthepresscomicsandcoffee (verified owner)

    Amazing, from the craftsmanship to the smell. – – Yes, would love it!

  27. jbourgea (verified owner)

    Very cool marketing idea and great product! – – Yes, would love it!

  28. rob (verified owner)

    Handmade small batch wooden coins

  29. rclinton1 (verified owner)

    Top notch coasters for our patrons! – – Yes, would love it!

  30. wendi (verified owner)

    The wooden tokens are absolutely incredibly awesome!

  31. playfultherapy (verified owner)

    Amazing quality and a comfortable product – –

  32. playfultherapy (verified owner)

    beautifully made and comfortable to hold – –

  33. eve.pollack (verified owner)

    amazing! – – Yes, would love it!

  34. ali (verified owner)

    Exactly what I wanted!

  35. philip.j.belmont (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, fast shipping

  36. laura.alishauskas (verified owner)

    They are absolutely beautiful. – – Yes, would love it!

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