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Toasted Maple Custom Wooden Goods started in 2018 when we decided to take a chance on our dream of running a small business. Our goal was to build a company that connected businesses and individuals in fun and unique ways. Rather than entering the over-crowded digital world, we wanted to set ourselves apart by creating opportunities for meaningful face-to-face interaction. Thus came the idea of designing and producing custom wooden tokens.

With wooden tokens, businesses could add a much-missed human element to their small business marketing efforts and customer interactions. Since launching with the laser engraved wooden coins, Toasted Maple has grown and now offers a variety of unique wooden goods including magnets, coasters, ornaments, and signs - all custom branded for you! One of our biggest joys is helping businesses find unique ways to advertise their business and creating custom products that leave a lasting impression with customers. We love a creative challenge and look forward to the many unique projects to come.



Inspiration for our custom wooden tokens came from vintage wooden nickels and coins from the early 1900’s. We took this classic concept and added a modern twist in the form of customized design on wood. With unique, high-quality designs, we can help businesses like yours capture the essence of their brand in a way that is fun and engaging for their customers. Instead of using plastic or thin wooden chips, our designs are laser-engraved on a ¼ inch maple token. As such, our company name eventually came to be Toasted Maple.


At Toasted Maple, our customers are at the center of everything. We love seeing the new ideas, designs, and uses for wooden tokens that they send our way. Supporting customers in their efforts to build their communities, connect with their customers, and engage on a human-to-human level is what really brings us joy and keeps us going!


At Toasted Maple, we create custom wood goods that help businesses and events stand out from the crowd! With completely custom designs and artwork we help create the perfect laser engraved product for your business! Our team works with you personally to ensure your design is not only on brand but will look great engraved. We start with a proof and once approved we laser engrave your custom goods and ship them to you. The options are endless and we can't wait to see what custom wood goods we can help you with!



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