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the Toasted Maple team

The Toasted Maple team

Our Story

Toasted Maple Custom Wooden Goods started in 2018 when we decided to take a chance on our dream of running a small business. Our goal was to build a company that connected businesses and individuals in fun and unique ways. Rather than entering the over-crowded digital world, we wanted to set ourselves apart by creating opportunities for meaningful face-to-face interaction. Thus came the idea of designing and producing custom wooden tokens. With wooden tokens, businesses could add a much-missed human element to their small business marketing efforts and customer interactions. Since launching with the laser engraved wooden coins, Toasted Maple has grown and now offers a variety of unique wooden goods including magnets, coasters, ornaments, and signs - all custom branded for you! One of our biggest joys is helping businesses find unique ways to advertise their business and creating custom products that leave a lasting impression with customers. We love a creative challenge and look forward to the many unique projects to come.

The Faces Behind the Magic

Lindsey Giamei, small business owner, women owned business, wood tokens, laser engraved goods

Lindsey Gaimei

Founder & Magic Maker

Lindsey has grown Toasted Maple from a side hustle in the garage to the full blown company it is today! Lindsey loves to connect communities, make customers' visions come to life, and help small businesses thrive! When she’s not hustling at Toasted Maple she’s either running The Workshop (our sister company), hanging with her family and Luna dog, or enjoying the outdoors. 

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Alyssa Schroppel, custom wood tokens, custom wooden nickels

Alyssa Schroppel

Marketing + Design Manager

Alyssa is the creative brains behind our marketing + social media. With a background in brand design, illustration, and photography she brings a unique twist and loves a good challenge. Her main jam is telling the story behind the business and connecting businesses with their audience and she’s always down for a good collaboration! When not boosting Toasted Maple, you can find Alyssa drinking coffee, adventuring with her twin boys, or trying a new recipe with her farmer’s market goods. 

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John Gibson, laser engraving, technical wizard, custom tokens, wood coins, wooden nickel

John Gibson

Design + Operations

John is our technical wizard! He makes sure every last detail is good to go with the artwork and running the laser engraving machines. He has added tremendous assets to our team with his art direction, properly functioning workflow, and taste in music. When he’s not sending proofs or running the machines, you can find him golfing, BBQing, taste testing beers, or having fun on the mountain. Want to get on his good side? Don’t send low res JPEGS! 

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Mary Boyden, wood coins, custom wood tokens

Mary Boyden

Creative Project Manager

Mary is nothing if not a creative, visionary soul! She adds extra bounce to our team and is always down to make a crazy, whimsical idea come to life! With a background in photography she brings an eye and passion for storytelling and knows how to help our business shine. When she’s not making daydreams come true, you can find her on her family farm, helping out with the family biz Kainos Coffee, or doing something amazing with glitter! 

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Our Clients

Thunder Island.png
Gorge Wine Library
Benny Boy Brewing
pFriem beer
Slopeswell Cider
Working Hands Beer
Trade Roots Cannabis
Freebridge Brewing
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